Our members will have the chance to become better tumblers with a wide array of opportunities available to them.

Mentoring Relationship

Develop a mentoring relationship with the head coach. Learn from his experiences and become a better acrobat. Allow him to explain what worked for him and how he was able to attain success.

Discounted Classes and Private Lessons

Work with Coach Harris in private sessions in order to reach your full potential.  He will assess the athelete’s ability and work on the specific techniques needed.  Discounted prices are only available with active membership.

Competition Team

This is an experience worth having. One can earn the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally to demonstrate and exhibit the skills learned while earning medals and titles.


Showcase talent while performing at venues locally and nationally.  Bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, camp festivities, parades, programs, special occasions, and sporting events are a few of the reasons for the demonstrations.

Membership Plans

August - July 2018
• Mentoring Relationship w/ Coach Harris
• Discounted Classes and Private Lessons
• Competition Team (if applicable $200/month)
• Perform at exhibitions
• Special practices at other sites
• Free classes at various locations

$200 /year

SHINE Membership Fee

$35 /year


$50 /year/family